Prayer For Marriage Restoration – Prayer For Restoration Of Marriage

Prayer For Marriage Restoration - Prayer For Restoration Of Marriage


Prayer for the restoration of marriage – Prayer for the restoration of marriage

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Welcome to prayer for the restoration of marriage.

Heavenly Father, we are meeting here online and we are agreeing on the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus.

Where two or more are gathered there, you will certainly be and everything we agree to touch you will certainly do.

I raise those who watch this video and we agree and raise their wedding.

Lord, your Word says in Rom 5: 5 that love is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

If you say it's there, then that's the rule – no matter how we feel.

Father, you are love and you are in us.

So love works in the wedding of the listener and the restoration flows abundantly now in the name of Jesus.

We declare that love and its restorative power are expressed in its fullness in their relationship.

We pray that they leave all bitterness, bad humor, malice, anger, indignation, rage, bad temper, grudge, brawl, spite, ill-will, clamor, contention, defamation, abuse, diabolical language or blasphemous language in their marriage.

We break the power of these things in the name of Jesus …

Help them live in harmony and harmony with each other.

We speak of the strength on them now in the Name of Jesus …

They are not boastful or valiant and they do not show themselves haughtily.

They are not rude and unscrupulous and they do not act dishonestly …

They support everything and everything that comes and they are always ready to believe the best of each other.

The listener and the hopes of their spouse are inert in all circumstances.

They support everything without weakening.

Their love never fails.

They speak the truth in love, really treat, and really live in their marriage.

They are wrapped in love, they grow in all ways and all things.

They esteem and delight one another, forgiving one another easily and freely as God in Christ has forgiven us.

They live by faith according to your Word Father.

They are imitators of You and copy your example as beloved children imitate their father.

Once again, we declare that every day their marriage is strengthened because it is based on Jesus …

We break down all the bastions that he placed in their marriage in the name of Jesus.

We declare freedom in their marriage now in the name of Jesus.

We declare that they are united in total peace, harmony and happiness.

We declare that by the power of God and your grace their marriage is fully restored.

We declare that they are now strengthened in the name of Jesus to continue their journey of marriage.

Thank you for the answer Father.

In the name of Jesus, we pray.



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prayer for the restoration of marriage
prayer for the restoration of marriage
prayers for the restoration of marriage

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    Prayer For Marriage Restoration – Prayer For Restoration Of Marriage

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