Does Marriage Counseling Work? The Answer Is Strange…

Does Marriage Counseling Work? The Answer Is Strange...


– Does Marital Counseling Work?

So you have tried to make it work for yourself, but no matter what you think, the wedding does not improve. A friend recommended a marriage counseling, but you dismissed the idea, thinking that your marriage was not so condemned. But now, after months of trying different tips and ideas without results, you are planning to try. But does marriage counseling really work, or is it just a waste of time and money?

My name is Brad Browning, I am a wedding coach from Vancouver, British Columbia, and I am also the author of a successful program titled "Mend the Marriage."

Today, I want to talk to you about the ins and outs of marriage counseling, so let's start with some common situations.

Your partner is ready to end the marriage, but you are not. You have watched self-help videos, read the books and you are even turned to your friends and family for advice. You are at a point where your spouse does not even talk to you much anymore, and when you speak, each conversation ends with an argument. Or maybe you never argue because your spouse does not want to talk anymore. You did not see it coming, and even if you did, you could not do anything to change your mind. Your situation right now is painful, but you do not desperately want to separate and you truly believe that your marriage can be saved.

Traditionally, couples in crisis are invited to attend a "marriage counseling" or "couple therapy". In these sessions, the couple will work with a counselor who creates a safe, open environment for honest discussions about their marriage. Together, they research the root causes of their problems and can focus on improving certain aspects of the relationship. These areas include: communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness, trust, commitment, intimacy and others depend on your personal situation. Essentially, the marriage counselor provides the tools a couple needs to deal with their marital problems, and a recovery plan. If done correctly, it can be useful.

For marital counseling to work, both spouses must be willing to participate, participate and work hard to deal with your issues. More importantly, they must also believe that their marriage is salvageable and deserves to be saved. It is sometimes extremely difficult to convince your ex to go down this road.

So, before you throw in thousands of dollars in marriage counseling, you might consider investing in my Mend The Marriage program. It's a program to which I have devoted my heart and soul … and this will give you, as well as your spouse, a second chance at the love of a lifetime. In fact, my program has been so successful that it alone has saved thousands of marriages – without marriage counseling. The great thing about this is … you do not need the stress of your spouse right now and you do not need to wait for a marriage counselor to help you . If you want to learn more details about my Mend The Marriage program, you can watch the free video presentation on my site, Again, the URL is

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    Does Marriage Counseling Work? The Answer Is Strange…

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